Nizpro Yamaha ECU Tuning

The Nizpro ECU 332 hp tune gives your stock Yamaha 4.2L V6 Outboard a boost it deserves.


  • ECU Flashing - Your outboard engine's performance can be increased by using an ECU Flash by:

    • Boosting horsepower through better fuel and timing maps
    • Increasing throttle sensitivity
    • Improving fuel economy across all RPM ranges*
    • Raising the rev limiters
    • Torque increasing across the full powerband
    • Raising the top speed**


Models available for an ECU Flash:


Nizpro Tune

  • L4 2.8l SHO VF150-VF175
  • L4 2.8l Offshore F150-F175
  • L4 2.8l Offshore F200
  • V6 4.2l SHO VF200-VF250
  • V6 4.2l Offshore F225-F300
  • V8 5.3l Offshore F300-F350
  • 197hp
  • 197hp
  • 231hp
  • 332hp
  • 332hp
  • 425hp


Looking for more power?

Supercharge your 4.2L V6 Outboard and you will have a 450 hp beast.

Check out the video!

*Performance Caveat: Engine must run on Minimum 89–91 Octane fuel & have adhered to recommended Yamaha service intervals.

** Re-propping may be required